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     PRESS RELEASE (22-3-00)

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OCTAPUS S.A. takes the way to the Athens Stock Exchange
Has applied for entry in the Alternative Investment Market.

   For more than 7 years the company has developed a dominant position in the fish farming industry. 
   OCTAPUS S.A. has privately-owned facilities and substructure for finfish production of sea bass and sea bream and an efficient distribution network in the European markets.
   In 1999 OCTAPUS S.A. incorporated with PLOTO LTD., one of the leading fish producers in Greece.  Furthermore, OCTAPUS participates in the corporation SETA AQUACULTURE OF SOUTHERN EVOIKOS S.A. 

   The year 1999 the company’s turnover was 3,5 billion drachmas, with operating profit 554 million (before taxes).
   Issuance Advisor is SIGMA EXCHANGE CO. and Underwriter the AGRICULTURE BANK OF GREECE.






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