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  OCTAPUS, a group of companies (comprising of OCTAPUS S.A., PLOTO LTD., SETA S.A., ALKION S.A., AKATOS S.A.) has a dynamic presence in fish farming industry in Greece. 

  OCTAPUS is a vertically integrated operation and operates in the field of reproduction, on-growing, processing & packing of farmed sea bass, sea bream and other species. The OCTAPUS Group allies nature through the deep Aegean waters, with its scientists, to produce and offer to the international market the exquisite taste of sea bream, sea bass and other species.

  Click on ‘Virtual Tour’ to see our facilities and production process.

  Further details about our farms, which produce our sea bass and sea bream are available in the ‘Our Farms’ section.

  The 'The Octapus News' provides up-to-date information on all that’s happening in the OCTAPUS S.A. and in the aquaculture industry.

  The 'Octapus Links' page contains a list of useful sites relative to aquaculture and seafood trading.

  If you require any further inofrmation about the OCTAPUS S.A., do not hesitate to 'Contact us'  


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