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     PRESS RELEASE (01-02-2001)

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        Significant increase by 47% was observed for the turnover of the OCTAPUS S.A. fish farming company reaching 5 billion drachmas in relation to 3,35 billion drachmas in 1999. In the same time, the company's business plan, which is exporting by 75%, includes the construction of a second hatchery and which will be materialized by the subsidiary company, SETA S.A. The parent company is already operating a hatchery at Poros. 

        The modernization of the floating facilities of the company, the creation of fattening units for fish as well as a special packaging plant are the immediate plans of the company which is also active in the on-line connection between the parent company and the branches and subsidiaries. It is noted that these projects will be funded both by the company, as well as capital funds after the introduction of the company in the Parallel Market of the Stock Market. An application was filed on February 25, 2000. OCTAPUS S.A. took over the similar company ALKION S.A. (Nafplion) in December while during 2000, owned the 44% of the AKATOS S.A. in Evoia Island. 

        The exporting destinations include Spain, France, England, Italy, Belgium and Germany. The enhancement of the presence in these markets as well as the entry in other new market such as the Central ane Eastern Europe as well as the Balkans are perspectives which are already under scrutiny by the company administation.






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