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  Our trip starts from our marine hatchery located in Taktikoupolis (Eastern Peloponnese), where high quality broodstock produce fish fry with excellent genetical characteristics.  We focus in technology where every new discovery is being valuated and applied immediately.  Our qualified staff consists of well-known European scientists.

    The on-growing process lasts 18 months. During this critical period, we produce sea bass and sea bream that weight 300 gr and up.  The fish fry takes the way from the hatchery to the holding facilities studded all over the Aegean Sea. (More information to the "Our Farms" section) 
The fish fry is being fed and inspected DAILY by our experienced staff (our farms are among the first founded in Greece).  Systematic sampling is taking place every 20 days to examine the rate of growth in every single cage.
Our philosophy is that what matters is quality and not quantity.
For this reason, our final product is exquisite! (It is well known that the more time you grow up a fish, the more quality you get).

  Under such conditions, without any external intervention, the species reach the final, commercial size. 




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