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     To The OCTAPUS Group (continued)
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  The harvesting and packaging methods of OCTAPUS were from the beginning our main concern.  Our processing and packaging unit is constructed and operating in accordance with the strict hygiene regulations stipulated by the European Union (*REG 3699/93*).
  Following the classification of the species and the final quality control, our fish is ready for distribution in the market (in Greece and Europe).  Within 24 hours we send our fish, FRESH, in the big, European markets by specialist chilled transport.


  Our commercial departmSales Development (1997-2000)ent is an efficient team with a good knowledge of the marketís requirements.  The continuous raise of the sales appears on the diagram .   

  The 90% of our sales are made in Europe (Spain, Portugal, U.K., France and Italy).  Actually, the penetration and development of markets in Spain and Portugal is considered to be one of the Companyís major achievements.

   The brand name of OCTAPUS is a guarantee of high quality products and excellent service.

                                               OCTAPUS allies nature through the deep Aegean waters with its scientists, to produce and offer to the international market the exquisite taste of sea bream, sea bass and other species.




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